Mediumship Readings

Receive validation that your loved ones in spirit are still with you.
I'll bring forth descriptions of your loved one, how spirit passed, personality traits, shared memories, things left behind, pets, dates, etc.
Spirit likes to talk about you and your family, share things that you have been doing or thinking about. This is how they help validate to you that they are still with you.
They will bring you guidance and wisdom to help you move forward, knowing that they are at peace.
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Messages from Spirit - 1 hour  $170 (plus HST)

This service is a private one-on-one reading and can be provided in-person, via Zoom call or over the phone. Spirit is just as strong, no matter how we are connecting.
This sitting fee includes a recording of your session.
Option to add an additional family member - $25ea 

Private Group Readings - 2 Hours  $500
This accommodates groups of up to 10 people. Group readings make for a fun time with family or friends. Many clients book this for ladies' evenings in, bachelorette parties, and family reunions.
Please note that spirit will decide who needs the messages and healing the most during a group reading, so not everyone is guaranteed a personal read, but you will all be impacted to witness the healing of spirit's messages.
Option to add an additional sitter - $25ea

** for larger groups, or fundraising events please contact me directly to discuss your particular needs and goals**

Private Group Reading