Health Assessment - Using Energy & ZYTO Scanning

  • The Zyto hand cradle is a medical device cleared by the US FDA to measure the users Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

  • Using the same technology as lie detector tests.

  • The user's baseline GSR is measured by the hand cradle, followed by the ZYTO software running a digital signature, then a subsequent GSR is taken

  • Each digital signature represents an item to which we are seeking information from the body.

  • The numeric value produced by the ZYTO software indicates how divergent the digital signature is from the baseline. We call digital signatures that produce more coherent or balanced responses - biological preferences.

  • At the end of the scan, an easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the vital items whose corresponding digital signatures resulted in greater biological coherence. The report is available to support individuals as they choose options to maintain health and wellness.

  • This whole process is called Biocommunications.

ZYTO 1.png


  • Easy-to-understand core body system and related lifestyle biomarker data

  • Charts of organs, vertebrae, teeth, and TCM meridian biomarker values.

  •  Immunity Report displays responses in 6 foundational areas to help you address immune system wellness.

  • Recommended support modalities and products such as essential oils, herbs, vitamins, etc. in the balancing and healing of those biomarkers that are out of balance.

  • At a glance, you will be able to see which systems or organs you want to focus on first, and you will have recommendations for that.


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ZYTO Scan - 30 Mins App't.  $50

ZYTO Scan Add On - Add this scan to any service for $40

The prices above include up to a 30-minute session which includes a full scan, consultation, and report, along with access to my supplement supplier and discount. 25% off first order.