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What Is BIE?

Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination – founded in 1998 – is a simple, natural new approach that enables one’s body to recognize sensitivities or intolerances (aka stressors), assisting in recovery from associated allergy-like symptoms, without the use of needles or drugs.

BIE Can Address Conditions Other Than Intolerances And Sensitivities

Based on the theory that BIE reprograms a cell’s response to its environment, BIE’s application is far-reaching.

Hormonal imbalances such as hot flashes, PMS; sugar metabolism – hypoglycemia/diabetes; fat metabolism, thyroid imbalances are just a few of the countless issues that can be approached with BIE. 

Balancing your immune system and emotional response with non-invasive methods

A healthy immune system responds appropriately to threats. When the immune system doesn't respond as it should, a heightened response to otherwise safe substances can cause symptoms to occur. Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination helps to counteract an imbalance of the immune system through non-invasive methods.

Likewise, a balanced emotional state will allow you to go through daily ups and downs responding with an appropriate amount of energy and emotion. When there is an imbalance due to energy blocks from past or current life events, this can cause a feeling of stress, anxiety, lack of energy or motivation, and just feeling unwell. BIE could help identify and release those blocks, helping you to feel balanced, energized, and well. (to amplify the emotional healing, we recommend you combine this with our Reiki session)

BIE Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination
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An overactive immune system creates inappropriately heightened responses

These responses can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including skin conditions, digestive imbalances, sinus congestion, and headaches and migraines to name a few.

Applying the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help regulate the immune system.

Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) works by introducing frequencies of substances that your body is having inappropriately elevated reactions to, along energy points of the body known as meridians. 

We refer to the meridians as the highway of life. Delivering vital life force energy to your organs and body systems. This keeps us in optimal health and wellness. However, as with a highway, if there becomes debris or an accident, it can impede the flow and cause delays in the system, cause overreactions, and even halt traffic altogether for a time.

Without the aid of outside help, such as a tow truck (BIE) to move the debris so that traffic can once again continue as it should be, there would be a lot of imbalance, delayed delivery of life force, stress, get low on fuel, and so on.

Overview of the BIE Treatment

We gently and in a non-invasive method introduce a low electronic frequency that your body has tested reactive to. This facilitates the body to adapt, in turn decreasing the reaction to the substance.

Targeted Area of the Body

The probe of the BIE machine is placed on various points on the body that correlate with meridians. The probe is similar to the look of a pen.

Potential Health Benefits of BIE

Adaptation to a variety of substances can lead to a reduction in immune reactivity and heightened tolerance, which can result in a decrease in food, environmentally-related, and emotional symptoms.

To further help you to understand the essence behind the method.....

When I moved from a busy small town to the country in 2019 it was in the summer. I like to sleep with the window open for a light breeze.  So, there I lay in my bed, in my new home ready for sleep, and all I could hear were hundreds of crickets chirping non-stop. It was so loud and annoying as heck!

This caused me great distress. I wanted it to be quiet. It was driving me bonkers!  I tossed and turned, and was beyond frustrated. This went on for a couple of nights, but then what once was an annoyance, had just become part of the white noise. I was now tolerating them, with no reaction.

It simply took being introduced to that annoyance a couple of times, to balance my reaction to it. 

This is the theory behind how BIE works. We find the sources that your body is having a hypersensitivity to, and we gently introduce by way of energy frequency the culprit and get your body to balance with it.

Through the help of a Galvanic Skin Response scan and muscle testing, we can target what needs to be addressed to help get you back to feeling well and balanced.

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