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Psychic/Tarot Reading

As an intuitive and medium I am able to gather energetic imprints and connect to your divine team for messages in response to your question(s). It is important to note that while you may desire a yes or no answer to your questions, you will be given information and guidance so as to help lead you to discover your own answers with more clarity and ease. 

Whether you have a specific question, or would like to have some insight on what I see in your energy,or maybe you'd like to know what is in your energy for the next month or year, I can offer you information to help guide you forward in your journey. 
I offer insight, not the address of your soul mate!  It is important to me to always work for your highest good and healing, and to allow room for your free will.
Healing Stones

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Psychic/Tarot reading - 30  Mins  $100 (plus HST)   

These sessions are done live in-person or via Zoom 


Express Psychic Reading $75 

This message is delivered to you via recorded video message and does not require a specific appointment time to be booked. Because I can do these between other appointments I offer these at a reduced price. You will receive your reading typically in 2 - 5 business days.  I will require an e-mail to send your video to.

Add on psychic/tarot reading $90

Extend your healing session by adding a psychic reading to your appointment time

(eg. book an hour of reiki, and follow it with a psychic/tarot reading) 

Book this special add on offer on the main service that you are booking. eg. Reiki Page.

Main office hours are 10am - 2pm most days.  Should you require an appointment outside of these hours

please contact me directly and I will find you an after hour appointment online or at one of the Collingwood locations.

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