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As an intuitive and medium I am able to gather energetic imprints and connect to your divine team for messages in response to your question(s). It is important to note that while you may desire a yes or no answer to your questions, you will be given information and guidance so as to help lead you to discover your own answers with more clarity and ease. 

Whether you have a specific question, or would like to have some insight on what I see in your energy,or maybe you'd like to know what is in your energy for the next month or year, I can offer you information to help guide you forward in your journey.
Healing Stones

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Intuitive insight & guidance reading - 45 Mins  $125 (plus HST)

During this reading you may ask about a specific area of your life which you need guidance. 

I will use oracle cards as a tool during these readings, and connect with your spirit guides to help provide you with some clarity.  Sessions include a recording.

Express Intuitive Reading - Completed via e-mail  $50 (e-transfer only)

Ask about a specific topic, or leave it open to receive whatever answers come. This will be communicated to you via an e-mail messageAs there is no appointment necessary for this service, you may book by e-transferring the fee to  If you wish to pay via PayPal please use the Book at Belleville Office option in the header.  There will be a reminder for you when booking that this is an e-mail service only.

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