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Indian Head Massage 

  • Aids in relief in migraines

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage

  • Relieves insomnia and fatique

  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • Renews energy levels

  • Boost memory capabilities

  • Increases concentration 

  • Improves circulation

  • Relaxes the whole body

  • Relief from acute & chronic neck & shoulder stiffness

  • Increases oxygen uptake in the tissues

  • Releases stagnant energy and tension


Enjoy complete bliss!  

During this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, you will be bare from the waist up under a sheet and cozy blanket, on a warm treatment table. The use of energy balancing (Reiki) and essential oils add to the overall healing, relaxation, and release of tension. This treatment focuses on the entire back, shoulders, neck, arms, head, and face and includes hand reflexology. 

Indian Head Massage is very effective for helping people:

  • release physical, mental, and emotional stress. 

  • release muscle tension 

  • improve blood and lymphatic circulation

  • scalp massage also helps to stimulate hair growth

  • reduce facial inflammation by working the lymphatic system

  • calm the nervous system by working the spinal area

** Please note that due to the nature of this treatment and the use of oils you may want to bring a hat for afterward **

1 Hour   $95

90 Minutes, includes 30 minutes of Reiki   $165

Main office hours are 10am - 2pm most days.  Should you require an appointment outside of these hours

please contact me directly and I will find you an after hour appointment online or at one of the Collingwood locations.

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