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Women's Circle

  Gather with other women as we explore the importance of balancing the feminine and masculine energies. We invite your feminine energy to feel safe, seen, heard, and held. And we'll have fun in the process too!

  In the past years, many of us women have for various reasons felt pushed into more masculine energy where we feel the need to take it all on, to be the one to hold not only ourselves but everyone around us.

 We have lost touch with how to feel vulnerable, soft, and accessible to receive love and be comforted.

  Many of us feel like our bodies are working against us, or like we woke up one day and realized overnight that we want more from life. Frankly, we feel stuck in the "on" position and are having trouble getting out of managing everything mode.  It's time to Woman-Up!! 

  As a spiritual coach, Jenn will hold space for you to share, connect with other women, help you let your inner soft and playful energy emerge, and help you see with more balance, compassion, and self-love.

  This circle intends to hear you and help to move you forward with tools, insight, guidance, a network of fellow attendees, new friends, and more tenderness towards yourself.

  Each session will have a different topic of discussion, or activity and is intuitively guided for your highest healing.

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Stay tuned for the next dates coming up in Collingwood & Thornbury

Message me to get onto the wait list! 
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