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Connecting into your energy field, I will ask your guides to bring forward the card(s) with the message that is most needed for you right now.  
As I meditate into the card I am given the information that you need to hear.
In addition to using the oracle reading, I will scan your energy and let you know what else comes up for you.
The messages will help you to gain clarity, validate things that you have been thinking or considering, and identify opportunities that are coming your way.

The messages will always be what you need to hear and come from a place of love and wisdom for your highest good. 
Knowing when and where you will meet Mr.Right is rarely the message that will bring you the peace and healing that you seek. 

Tarot Card Deck

Express Reading  $65


This is a convenient way to receive a personal message about what is in your energy and that will help bring clarity and validation.

  • Delivered to your inbox via video message. (FB, IG or e-mail)

  • No appointment is necessary, so no coordinating schedules

  • You avoid longer wait times because this express service can be worked in more easily.

  • Once payment is made, please send me a message from the place where you want to receive the video message. 

  • If you wish to ask questions after receiving your video message please note that any additional 'tapping into energy' takes more time and focus and will be an additional charge.

       Facebook Messenger 

       Instagram Messenger


30 Minutes Reading  $125

This is a Zoom or phone call that will be up to 30 minutes in length. And will include an oracle card and psychic reading. This will bring to your attention what is in your energy, and bring clarity and validation.

This service takes place over a Zoom face-to-face call or the phone and will require a book ahead appointment.

  • These appointments are typically done on Mondays, but you can message me to arrange another date if need be.

  • After payment is made please message me to arrange a date/time that works best for both of us.           e-mail 

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