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Had my first ever Reiki treatment with Jennifer and I left the treatment feeling cleansed, refreshed and renewed. Somehow it was exactly what I needed. Jennifer's home environment is very relaxed and soothing with soft music, candles, crystals and a very happy Buddha.  ~ Lorelie, Orangeville

I had a reiki session done. Afterwards I left feeling energized, like a load was off my shoulders. Haven't felt that good in a long time! You made me feel better about my recent choices and gave me great advice. Thank you so much ~ Gloria, Orangeville

Jennifer has amazing energy, and is an incredible healer. She is a beautiful and kind soul!
With Jennifer's guidance and support during Physic development classes I have developed and improved my ability to connect to spirit. I highly recommend that you visit her.  Patrizia, Mississauga

I don't even know where to start with Jen. I have experienced being a student and a client of hers, and each time keeps getting better. I have completed the Reiki Level 1&2, and wouldn't have chosen it any other way. She's always open to letting you come back to the next classes to refresh and gain more information. I have also done the physic medium classes which are also a fun journey full of giggles and happy tears. Being a client I have had Reiki sessions to help ground and calm me down because she knows exactly what I am going through. She puts up with my challenging mind and ends up conquering it to remove that negativity. At the end of the day she's a incredible practitioner but also a great friend, and gentle human being!  Rebecca, Caledon

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