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meditation classes and intuitive development will help to growyour psychic and mediumship abilities but will also help you learn to quiet the mind, feel grounded and balanced.
Meditation , Psychic Development, Intuitive Development Classes taught by Medium Jennifer Cobb who will share with you the practices that she used to develop her own gift to communicate with spirit, angels and guides.

Meditation & Divine Connections

In person class & mentoring sessions available in Belleville, ON.

Please contact Jennifer to check next available training session dates.

For private one on one or private groups, contact Jennifer directly.

Limited Seating - Must Pre-Register

We all have the ability to quiet the egoic mind and in turn raise our vibration so that we can access information.  Information that is ours to have, and help us to grow. 

In a world where everything is energy and has become so focused on matter, form and ego, how do we learn to shut down?  How do we still the mind? 

We start one class at a time.

In these classes you will learn to meditate and trust in the various ways that you access your information.  You will begin to understand energy in a new and profound way.  You will start connecting with yourself on a deep soul level, which helps to move your ego, and allow yourself to heal. To feel whole again. To raise your vibration and connect with other realms, including your higher self.

Each week there will be different exercises that help to develop a working foundation for receiving messages and enhancing your intuition.

You will be better able to:

  • quiet your mind and meditate 

  • assess when your energy is off balance

  • learn ways to help yourself to feel centered

  • learn how to keep your energy field protected, and to clear it

  • learn to distinguish what is your own energy vs. carrying someone else's  'stuff'

  • learn to read other peoples energy

  • begin to develop a working dictionary of meanings

  • develop trust in the process of how you receive messages, for yourself and others.

  • manage your anxiety and ground yourself

  • trust yourself and your intuition

Jennifer has helped many students to heal from traumatic life experiences, and losses through meditation and guiding them to understand what it is that they need to release, and giving them healthy ways to do that in class, and beyond the classroom doors.

Weekly mentoring provided in online live class - contact to be added to the waiting list. This is a paid mentoring class.

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