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A Powerful Shamanic Full Moon & Cacao Ceremony

October 1/2020

6:30pm - 9:30pm

108 Gentlebreeze Dr., Plainfield, ON. K0K 2V0

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CACAO, when approached with intention, can assist you in coming out of the head and into the heart. It helps your body & mind become more receptive and open to all forms of meditation, connection and creativity.

Cacao is a beautiful connector and can assist you with not just meditation, but also in dancing & singing, writing, setting your daily intentions, or even connecting with a friend or romantic partner.

You will find it to be incredibly grounding and clarifying.

Whole cacao beans contain many compounds that are known for increasing bliss, the feeling of love, and oneness.

  • Calm nervous system

  • Creativity

  • Blood Circulation & Digestion

  • Assist meditation & Inner-work

  • Clear any blocked/stuck emotions 

  • Connection to self, others, nature and Spirit

  • Increased energy, without the nervous buzz one gets from caffeine!

  • Prolonged focus

The Cleansing Power of Full Moons

The full moon represents a powerful time to release that which is no longer serving you. This could include limiting beliefs about what you are or aren’t capable of. Self-sabotaging habits that keep you stuck and toxic relationships are also commonly released under the power of the full moon.

This is also a great time to get honest with yourself about what you may have outgrown, and what it’s time to move on from. Sometimes patterns and behaviours may not be negative, but they may also not be what you need to get to the next stage of your life. It’s a “what got you here won’t get you there” kinda situation.

As I’ve uplevelled in my business, I’ve had to come to that realization many a time. Certain strategies and ways of being worked when I was just starting out. But as I’ve expanded and created more space to serve, I’ve come to learn that what worked in the beginning won’t work anymore.

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Whether you are new or have been journeying for a while, this experience will appeal to all levels

Come with a friend, or come alone & make new ones here!

An intimate gathering outdoors, of only 12 people will enjoy this Shamanic Full Harvest Moon & Cacao Ceremony.

* Opening Ceremony with Elemental Connections

* Smudging of personal aura

* An understanding of the energy behind the Harvest Moon

* Personal setting of intentions for the ceremony

* Cacao Ceremony 

* Guided Meditation for releasing and welcoming new

* Releasing Blocks

* Closing Ceremony 

* Everyone will leave with incense and crystals to continue their spiritual journey at home.

Presented in partnership by:

Jennifer Cobb - Spiritual Medium/ Life Coach & Reiki Master

Sam Summers - Shamanic Wellness Practitioner & Reiki Master

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Releasing what no longer nourishes us, so that we can grow 

October 1/2020

6:30pm - 9:30pm

108 Gentlebreeze Dr., Plainfield, ON. K0K 2V0

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