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Sept.25th - Messages from Spirit - Samur

Newly local to the Belleville area!

Medium, Jennifer Cobb has been delivering validation and healing messages to individuals and groups for the past 9 years.

During this 2 hour event you can expect to hear her connect specific descriptions of passed loved ones, personalities, how they died, hobbies, special dates, description of pets, and lots of specific things that have been going on since they passed.

Spirit likes to talk about what is going on in your life now so that you know that they are not missing a thing!
Spirit and our Spirit Guides know who is in most need of healing the night of an event, so while not every one is guaranteed a personal message, simply witnessing it happen around you is enough to make you know that souls stay with you always.
Grab your friends and come enjoy this remarkable event!

Doors open at 6:45pm.

Jennifer developed her own abilities and gifts later in life, after the loss of her first husband. She now helps others to develop their own abilities to connect to spirit and your own psychic abilities too.
If you are interested in attending a 1 day workshop, or to book a private 1 hour reading, please message Jennifer directly.

(416) 272-1079 cell.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram medium_jenncobb

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