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New Moon

Unlike the full moon which lights up the sky with a visual and energetic presence, the new moon is hidden when it aligns directly behind the sun for a short moment.

When the sun hides the line of sight to the moon, it allows the stars to be the focus of the night. The absence of the moon creates an almost mysterious feel in the air.

At this time of the month you are encouraged to take advantage of the clean slate. Write your intentions, plant new seeds, design your vision. 

After the new moon, the light starts to build, as the moon gradually becomes more visible to us on earth. This phase between the new and full moon is called the waxing moon. Our mission during this time is to collect energy and information as everything becomes illuminated. We can use the waxing moon momentum for building, working toward a goal, or bringing the first phases of a project to fruition.

New Moon Ceremony is very personal to each person which is magnified when 

gathering in a circle with others to share in the momentum of the new moon - a powerful experience. 

In ceremony, I call on the Angels for a message to share with the group. Invoke the Angels & Spirit Guides of the highest truth & compassion, guide you through setting intentions, clearing out blocked energy, and meditation to bring alignment with your new intentions.

This service is offered most months online via zoom and on some special dates it will be made available in person as well. Pre-Register for the date you'd like below with payment of $15 for online ceremony. ($25 for intimate in person circle)

Dates to be announced

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