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Mediumship Classes - Medium Jennifer Cobb will share with you the exercises and practices that she used to develop her own mediumship abilities. Learn to connect with spirit.

Mediumship Development


Mediumship classes are currently offered on an invitation basis for those who have completed their pre-requisite with me, in the Meditation & Divine Connections Class. 

Please contact Jennifer directly to find out if you meet the criteria for this class. 

Jennifer will share with you the same exercises and practice that she herself used to develop her own mediumship abilities. She has successfully trained many students, leading them to feel confident and comfortable understanding their gifts. She coaches and guides them how to use this ability to help others to heal and feel beyond their grief.

This class is for those who have had previous experience in psychic development, and connecting with the divine realm such as Jennifer's Meditation & Divine Connections class.

The mediumship class is focused on helping you to connect with spirit, so having the ability to quiet your mind is a pre-requisite. (learned in her meditation class)

Jennifer would like you to know....

"Being a medium holds a great responsibility. Grieving family members come to us for validation that their loved ones are at peace and have made it to the other side.  Practicing to become a medium involves much more than learning your dictionary and being able to communicate with spirit.  First and foremost you must have the desire and commitment to help others heal from the loss of a loved one. You must become fluid at communicating with the loved ones still here who are often stuck in grief. Bridging the gap between realms is a gift, and a learned art. One which comes after a great deal of commitment, practice and service." ~ Jennifer

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