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 Bridging the gap between realms is a gift, and a learned art.

 One which comes after a great deal of commitment, practice and service.

I am blessed to be able to use my abilities to communicate with spirit and be a translator of their messages to those loved ones here who still grief their loss.

In a group setting spirit will piggy back and link like energies together to allow me to connect with as many people as possible, even if that means that I am not talking directly to you in that moment. Spirit knows that you will make the connections and hear the messages.

Communicating with spirit is a lot like a game of Pictionary or Charades.  They are delivering a block of energy which tells me a story that I then translate into our English language. Spirit does this by using all of my personal experiences as a means to draw an association, which is known as my dictionary.  For example if someone showed you an apple, out of context and said what does it mean - you may say health, someone else may say farm, and I say teacher.  It has taken years and thousands of hours to develop this working dictionary and it continues to grow all the time.

Spirit typically shows me who they are so that I can describe their physical appearance, how they passed away and once we understand who we are talking to they will want to jump right into the here and now bringing forth details about things and people that are in your life right now.

This is how spirit validate for you that they are still with you. They bring up things like special dates, numbers, names, pets, memorabilia, conversations you have been having, they show me how they make their presence known to you, tell me what you have been spending your time doing lately, etc. and of course, they will also take the time to offer you some loving advice and words of wisdom.

Please understand that in a group setting not everyone will get a personal message, but spirit will find a way to get a message to you if you are listening openly. The experience is sure to leave you knowing with certainty that your loved ones are still with you.

Book your seats at one of the listed events, or contact me to book your own personal private one on one or group reading.

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