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Do I Need to Meditate Everyday?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The past couple of weeks I have heard from many people who are finding it hard to make time to meditate.

So here is what I can offer you on this topic.....

People meditate for different reasons. Some people meditate to make a deeper connection to themselves, some to connect to their spirit guides & angels, some just to shut up the world around them, some do it to get grounded, some do it to connect to their loved ones or to provide messages through mediumship, and so on. The reason is specific to you and to you alone.

From a health perspective, meditation is a great tool to help gain a deep relaxation and in turn that helps to lower your blood pressure, allow your body and mind to reset, and when practiced regularly it can have a great overall impact on your health and how you cope with day to day anxiety. Here is a great article to expand on the health benefits,

When you learn the art of meditation, you are better able to handle stressful moments with more ease. This is because you have taught yourself how to be mindful, how to breathe through stress, stay connected to your body and stay in the current moment. Simply put, you are better equipped to not conger up all kinds of crazy outcomes with your imagination that take your emotions to a place that doesn't even exist, except in your imagination!

Ohhh, that third eye is a blessing and a curse! Use it for good people... not for evil, creating all kinds of horrible outcomes!! Stay present! Stay in the current moment, because that is the only one that you can impact!

The other, more common reason these days that people meditate is to "raise your vibration" so you can connect to spirit to bring forward messages for yourself and others.

So, to answer the question "should you meditate everyday" Firstly I do not use the would "should", I dislike this word so much! It implies that there is a "right" way and a "wrong" way. And certainly where meditation and a spiritual practice is involved there are few times the word 'should' is appropriate.

Meditate for the right reasons - your reasons! and start with self love always, because then you know you are giving from a place of love and of the highest good for all involved. For those who meditate striving to make connections to the other side, and to give messages of healing..... first heal yourself, first love yourself, first trust yourself, first know yourself. When you have found this deep love and connection to yourself you will have already found your meditation practice that works for you, and it may not be everyday! Because lets face it we do still live in the real world folks. (freaking humans who want to have 100 balls juggling at once)

You cannot help others to heal, until you yourself have done your own healing work.

So now lets talk about meditation for ourselves .... It would be super awesome if you found time each day to meditate! It would make an immense difference in your life. You would feel happier, healthier and more grounded (less in your head about everything!!)

For those of you who are beating yourself up and feeling added anxiety today because you did not do your meditation again yesterday, it has nothing to do with the actual meditation! It has everything to do with the fact that you are upset for not following through on the promise that you made to give yourself the gift of quality "me time" each day. And on the inside you are confused and wondering why it is that you lack the follow through, when you know this is so important for you. (this is a whole other topic!)

Now, in the spirit of keeping it real ... those who say I don't have time, I call bullshit! You spend countless, mind numbing moments on social media, some of you reading stuff that just further adds anxiety to your day. You spend time watching TV, complaining about parts of your day (sorry do you prefer I call it venting?)

So with the intention of starting the healing with you, can we pause to be honest with ourselves about whether we can create a 5 minute window of time that we can meditate? Make it a realistic goal for yourself. Don't start off doing a marathon! Start with a 3 minute meditation and work your way up. and on crazy busy days you go back to doing a 5 minute meditation.

Listen, if you don't prioritize taking 5 minutes to empty your bucket each day or regularly at least, your bucket is going to runnith over!! and that is when we fly off the handle and loose our shit over seemingly stupid stuff if we are honest about it.

So, for the love of ..... well, love, can you please understand that meditation is about you and your self love!

Yes, if you choose to pursue developing your intuition and channeling skills once you have gotten a handle on self love & healing, this is yours for the taking! (and I am happy to coach and teach you)

In short, after my long rant..... meditation is to help equip you with skills to handle day to day anxiety, but if you don't make the time, then you feel even more anxious about not making time to meditate. Get off the hamster wheel and decide that loving and connecting to you is a priority! even if it is 3 minutes a day, 3 times a week to start.

I myself was someone who as a newer mom 10 years ago had an overactive mind that ran non-stop with horrible things that my imagination would make up, and then I would live in the anxiety and emotion of those things that did not in fact even exist. CRAZY right! I reached my breaking point when I felt such a disconnect from who I was on the outside. I was hiding my anxiety, fear & loneliness very well. I taught myself how to rewrite the nightly pattern of laying there over thinking & imagining horrible scenarios. I also began my own meditation practice and started to heal myself, and the stronger I became as a person, the more I knew I am meant to share what I have learned with others who can benefit from my personal experiences and best practices. Many of whom walked in on the first day of class saying "I can't meditate" and now have a healthy regular practice and have moved on to my psychic and mediumship development classes. So if we can do it, so can you!

Okay, so literally as I was writing this I decided that I would offer you a FREE Meditation 101 and share with you some of the techniques that helped me to transform my thought patterns. and I will do a few shorter meditations to help you ease into your practice!

For your Free Meditation 101 Lesson, register below and go at your own pace.

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