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Do I Need to Meditate Everyday?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The past couple of weeks I have heard from many people who are finding it hard to make time to meditate.

So here is what I can offer you on this topic.....

People meditate for different reasons. Some people meditate to make a deeper connection to themselves, some to connect to their spirit guides & angels, some just to shut up the world around them, some do it to get grounded, some do it to connect to their loved ones or to provide messages through mediumship, and so on. The reason is specific to you and to you alone.

From a health perspective, meditation is a great tool to help gain a deep relaxation and in turn that helps to lower your blood pressure, allow your body and mind to reset, and when practiced regularly it can have a great overall impact on your health and how you cope with day to day anxiety. Here is a great article to expand on the health benefits,