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Reiki & Reflexology for Kidney & Adrenal Health

Winter is the season that is associated with the kidneys, so it stands to reason that as we here in Canada are bundling up to survive these -27 (without windchill) temperatures our body's are also crying out for a warm hug!

If multiple symptoms on this list resonate for you, take the time to read this post and watch the videos for simple tips that can help get you feeling better!!

* over stressed * fatigue * lack of concentration * frequent urination

* dry, itchy skin * edema * incontinence * poor short term memory

* osteoporosis * hair loss * premature greying * ear conditions

* lower back pain * hearing loss * tinnitis / ear ringing * night sweats

* dry eyes * knee pains * vaginal dryness * dizziness

In my work as an Energy Practitioner, I like to look at the body in four layers so that I can help you to achieve the highest level of healing possible. I tune into the energy in and around the body, feel the emotions held within the body, assess the meridian flow and the physical aspect of the body.

Let's take a look at the physical body. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys like little hats. The adrenal glands are known as our stress glands or our fight or flight response. These small rectangular glands play a HUGE role in our overall feeling of wellness.

They produce hormones that help us regulate metabolism, the immune system, blood pressure, response to stress, and other essential functions.

The mere fact that the two are connected means that they are working closely together both physically and in the act of processing emotions.

Did you know that each organ not only has a physical function but also is responsible for helping to process specific emotions as well? The kidneys process or hold fear. So if you hold onto fear and are unable to rid yourself of that emotion then it would not be surprising to find that you develop some concerns around kidney health. Because adrenal health has a direct connection to the kidneys it is very important that you work on developing daily routines that will help promote calm and balance in your life. Meditation, yoga, reading, and suppliments are just a few ways to achive this.

Reiki and Reflexology are amazing ways to both relax your mind and your body while releasing the emotions and physical strain on your body. Acupuncture and acupressure are also great ways to help release congested energy. In this video and throughout this blog I share some specific tips along with other Practitioners on ways that you can take control of your kindney and adrenal health.

Reiki is a non-invasive modality that uses life force energy to help shift the vibration of personal energy into a more fluid and higher frequency. Allowing energy to flow freely and balanced helps us to feel more relaxed, lighter, and in a less easily agitated state.

Think of Reiki as a tuning fork for your energy.

Each Chakra has its own specific frequency and when each is tuned, the result is perfect harmony. It is our responsibility to take daily precautions to keep this harmony maintained - meditation, yoga, hiking, music, dance, Reiki, and Reflexology, and supplements are just a few examples.

The kidneys are located in the Sacral Chakra which is the area below the belly button and above the pubic area. This Chakra is where we find our creativity, sexuality, reproductive systems, fertility, connection to Mother, emotions, and abundance.

Common symptoms of a blocked Sacral Chakra are emotional and physical weakness, depression, being overly sensitive, anxiety, and fear.

Remember that all of these emotions and situations are "energy". The energy either nourishes or impedes our ability to maintain a balanced state. It's perfectly human and okay to experience depression for example over the loss of a job, but it is critical to your state of balance that you take steps to release that from your energy and body.

In Reflexology, we believe that by applying pressure to a reflex point that we can help

the body to release congestion, relax,

and begin to heal itself. We have reflexes that mirror our body's organs, systems, and body parts in the feet, the hands, and the ears. Here is a diagram mapping the organs and in the video I show you how to use a simple technique on yourself to help stimulate the kidneys and adrenals through the use of hand reflexology.

** Please note in the video I called the Ureter a Urethra in error!! **

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the kidney is believed to be the organ of Ying/Yang, which simply put means balance. A chronic imbalance can cause a deficiency in the kidney. In TCM the kidney is said to be the most important organ from a life force perspective. If you are physically strong and are sound mentally and emotionally then you are abundant in kidney qi.

Kidney Yang provides heat for digestion and other metabolic functions. A deficiency in the yang energy of the kidneys will have symptoms of cold hands and feet, abundant clear urine, edema, and night urination. Possibly pale skin, back and knee pain is common, low libido, aversion to cold, and general apathy.

Western diagnosed conditions of adrenal fatigue, back pain, depression, hypothyroidism, kidney inflammation, and sexual dysfunction parallel that of kidney yang deficiency.

To correct the imbalance of kidney yang deficiency, you must warm the kidneys. Stay away from cold or raw foods, sugar, and antibiotics, which deplete yang.

Kidney yin deficiency is associated with a sore back, leg weakness, tinnitus, and vertigo. You may have a dry throat, a feeling of warmth in your hands and feet, a flushed face, and feel anxious with a fast pulse. You may have insomnia, night sweats, menstrual irregularities, and inflammation.

The body's inability to repair and maintain itself is kidney yin deficiency. Western medicine disorders could be diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, lumbago, and some psychological disorders.

Kidney yin involves the parasympathetic nervous system and the hormone cortisol, produced in the adrenals. Cortisol reduces the effects of stress. During times of stress, cortisol production rises.

If stress is too prolonged or becomes chronic, cortisol production drops. Kidney yin deficiency may be considered a lack of cortisol.

In TCM there is a direct correlation of the kidneys and the ears. Tissues or the kidney and the inner ear are similar and share a common metabolic function. Therefore problems that affect the kindney function can also damage the inner ear. High blood pressure, diabetes, and CKD can all lead to hearing disorders because of the affect on the kidneys.

My colleague and friend Pierrette Boutin is an RMT, Acupuncturist, and Sound Therapy Practitioner in Orangeville, ON. whom I have had the pleasure to work with over many years. So when I was looking for personal help with ways to balance the Kidney meridians I reached out to her. She shared with me the tip that is in my video above about rubbing your ears and how it gets rid of excess heat from your body. It also boosts the immune cells in your body, reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and helps you to relax. This tip perfectly combines the use of ear reflexoloxy and stimulation of key Yin/Yang meridians.

Pierrette also offered the following information on two simple DIY moves that you can use to help yourself between trips to a professional.

The kidney meridian is involved in controlling the volume, composition, and pressure of fluids in all the cells in the body. Blood flows through the kidney. Water is symbolic of mystery, emotion, and spirit. In Chinese medicine the Kidney is also said to be a storehouse of life force and has a strong spiritual aspect.

Grounding your energy: By stimulating the Kidney 1 point (K1) on each foot, helps to ground our energy and drain excess energy from the head. The Chinese name for K1 is “Gushing Spring”. Donna Eden’s energy medicine uses this technique of rubbing that point with a stainless-steel spoon to accomplish this.

Kidney 3 (K3) “Supreme Stream" this point holds the life force. Used to nourish the kidneys, soothe the liver, helps with decongestion, and activates the meridian. Rub K3 with your finger until it becomes tender.

Pierrette Boutin RMT

Orangeville, ON

(519) 938-1081


In the video at the top of the page, I show you some easy DIY tips that you can do yourself to help with kidney and adrenal energy.

Here is another great tip from Dr. Eric Berg showing how to work the kidney meridian to help relieve stress in the body.

Another simple acupressure technique using your hands with 3 moves.

Stress management and kidney support are something that will improve your quality of life!! There are stresses every day. Get help managing that stress and watch how your body responds! The link below are natural herbal remedies and something that is found in my own family cupboard. Here are my recommendations! Please use the link provided and contact me if you would like any input for your specifically.

To find out more about how I can help you to release blocked energy and rebalance your system please contact me to discuss which course of action is best for you. or call (416) 272-1079

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