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Healthy Boundaries

I am personally exhausted by the never-ending conversations that revolve around Covid. When I am finally able to see my friends and family or see a long-overdue client, the last thing I want to talk about is freaking Covid. No seriously, I will change the subject!

It is a hot topic with emotionally and politically charged points of view ~ would you like to take the lid off that box of hot mess and roll around in it for a while? Ummm, NO.

I am fully aware that it sucks the energy out of me, and the room. It depletes my energy to watch people tear each other down, even if those comments are cleverly disguised as "simply sharing knowledge" while smothering me in a slurry of citing facts.

Recognizing how certain situations, conversations, or people affect you is your first step to setting clear energetic boundaries.

Do you ever walk through a store and say to your self "OMG! that shirt is so horribly judgemental and offputting, I just have to have it" or go to the Mandarin and load your plate with stuff that looks disgusting to you?

We are a lot pickier about our material choices than we are about how we fuel our personal energy.

When there is a conversation happening and it is making you uncomfortable, upset, or feels negative see yourself away from it. Wait, .... I can do that? Yes, yes you sure can! It can be as simple as excusing yourself, or better yet, don't be afraid to let those people know that you don't want to participate in the negative talk.

Try something like this " Hey ladies, my week has been consumed by Covid talk, anyone want to talk spring shoes and pedi's instead?" or " I'm sure we have all had a heavy week at work I'm just so looking forward to some great positive energy with my ladies! Now, who has a feel-good story to share?" Or "sorry folks, I only have 5 minutes left on my break and I want them to be relaxing, so I'm going excuse myself from this conversation."

There are all kinds of direct, yet, not rude ways in which you can set your boundaries.

There are many times in a day that you cannot so easily excuse yourself and in those moments, you will need to exercise more of an energy approach to your boundaries.

You can visualize a white light surrounding your body and focus on your breath. Each time you breathe out, push that white light farther away from you. Creating a space in which you are no longer allowing that negative energy to penetrate into your personal energy field.

Before you go out of your home, or into a meeting room full of strong personalities say to yourself "I will not absorb energy that is not mine" and when you leave that space go wash your hands and say "I release all energy that is not mine"

Get in the practice of protecting your personal energy field. Especially, in the world, we live in today where everyone's feelings are very raw and exposed. You have got to protect yourself and teach your kids these practices themselves as well. You are never truly in your own energy unless you have protected yourself properly. It is hard enough living with our own energy at times, without having to sort through the layers of everyone else's emotions and energies as well. This quickly leads to overwhelm.

At the end of the work or school day and after a visit to family, friends, or the mall get in the shower!! Water is an amazingly fast and easy way to clear your energy!

There are many ways to clear energy. Listed above are just a few simple techniques that can be done by anyone, anywhere.

And for those of you who thought that you were okay because you are working from home online.... energy is energy!

The intention is everything! If you have an active intention to shield yourself from negative energies then you are halfway there!!

It's not about pretending that the negative energies do not exist, it's about intentionally choosing to shield yourself from them and align yourself to more positive energies.

With Positive Vibes,


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