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Pendulum ~ Higher Self Communication

You've probably all seen for yourself or heard stories of using a wedding ring on a necklace over a pregnant woman's belly to let passed loved ones reveal the gender of the baby, depending on which way the ring swings.

Using a pendulum to gain access to your higher self and the divine realm is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years.

So how exactly does a pendulum work?

There are tiny transmitters of energy in the tips of your fingers. Simply explained, your subconscious mind or higher self has a very different vibration that your ego or physical body. Your ego mind would need to physically make a movement to get the pendulum swinging, which would be in response to a mental and conscious thought. Whereas your subconscious mind generates an almost coded vibration which causes the pendulum to move in a specific direction, indicating an answer to your question. Pendulum 'answers' are not a one size fits all, so it is important to practice and get to know which motion means what for you specifically. You can ask 'yes' or 'no' questions, so be sure to phase your questions in such a way that you will get a clear answer.

The magic of working with a pendulum is that you are able to remove the ego, quiet the mind and allow your higher self, the subconscious mind to answer from place of higher wisdom and a place where fear, ego, and self doubt do not reside. This is especially helpful when you find yourself being confused about an important decision. It allows you to gain insight from a source which knows your highest good and will give you unedited authentic truth.

Like most things spiritual, it takes some practice to not only hone your abilities, but to trust in the process. After you have practiced a while and have confidence in your pendulum and your connection to a higher source you will want to use it all the time!

The pendulum and your connection to what can otherwise be called 'your truth' can be used to answer a number of questions. Here are just a few of the ways you can use your new best friend!

* Narrow down your selection on something

* Choose which vitamins are best for you

* Ask if something specific is in your highest good

* Choose the right outfit for a job interview

* Ask if you will benefit from attending an event

* Decide if a diet is best for your body

* The list goes on and on......

As always when opening up to work with energy and the divine realm, it is always a good idea to protect yourself with a prayer that asks for the highest good for all involved. Set clear intentions.

Choosing a pendulum is half the fun!

Use your intuition and allow yourself to follow your gut. You may be drawn to yours because of the colour, the shape or the feeling that you get when you hold it. Many people have more than one pendulum that they use. Just remember that each time you get a new pendulum you will want to cleanse the energy by putting it in the moon light, soaking it in salt water, burying it in sand or dirt over night, putting it in sunlight, putting it in a singing bowl until it feels clear from the vibration, to name a few of my favorite ways.

To learn more about how you can work with the pendulum, check my scheduled workshops below or contact me directly

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