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Body ~ Emotion Connection

You may have heard me talk about how the physical body is a great indicator of what is going on in the emotional body.

I listen to how someone describes a physical ailment and I am able to know what is going on emotionally and contributing to this condition. The Universe has a way of bringing physical or audible connections for us human beings, because it is how our ego minds can relate.

Have you ever recognized that you end up giving advice to others on something that you yourself could take that same advice? or maybe you attract others who vent, (aka complain) about the same things that you are stewing about in your head.

The Universe has a great way of allowing you to see and hear outside of yourself exactly what you need to learn and focus on. You see what you haven't yet identified within yourself. The Universe creates space, and you are able to then see clearly as you sit in an observer role.

When you keep having situations pop into your life or awareness, you can ask yourself what is it that I am meant to be learning here? What is inside of me, that keeps bringing this to my awareness again and again?

When you have missed the message more than a few times your physical body becomes the messenger! So the next time you have an ailment, listen to how you describe the pain, restriction or condition and then relate those words to your emotional body.

For example, I have a client who expressed having a sore shoulder which made her unable to raise her hand above her head. This was a seemingly random ailment to her with no reason for it. Think about when we might want to raise our hands, think back to school days - it would be when we want to speak, share an opinion or ask a question. I asked her "who are you afraid of speaking up to and when do you feel your opinion is not heard and valued?" She instantly knew who I meant and wondered how I knew that, and why I jumped from her shoulder pain to my question. Her condition was deeply related and rooted in the relationship with someone in her life. She was horribly afraid to speak up to this person and felt she had no voice.

I had another client who was having sciatic pain, and while he sits for a good chunk of his shift at work (which could cause sciatic issues) he had been doing this job for years with no pain. I asked "who is the pain in your ass right now?" Again, he instantly knew who it was that had caused his emotions to manifest in the physical body.

While determining or being able to pinpoint the root cause of a condition is a great first step, the reality is that we practitioners are often brought in once the emotional state has already manifested into the physical body.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are the new normal these days. It has somehow become the auto default setting of our emotions, then, add Covid 19 and it's a recipe for emotional turmoil.

It is critical more so than ever, that you are monitoring your physical body for indicators of emotional wellness, not just for Covid.

We wear masks, and use more alcohol on our hands than I drink in a month, as a means to prevent Covid 19, but the prevention of all illness needs to begin way before we even leave the house.

All of the added stress, pressures and emotional factors are taking a toll on our emotions and in turn our physical bodies.

In my Reflexology training I studied intensely on anatomy and also became very interested at the same time in TCM. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) In TCM herbal remedies are used to help heal the physical body, and also support the processing of emotions in a balanced way.

The liver for example is where we hold our anger and resentment. Being short fused, frustrated and impatient is a great indicator that the liver is out of balance. Grief, is felt in our respiratory system. You will often hear people who have been dealt bad news say "I can't breathe". Fear is held in the kidneys, and when we are super scared have been known to soil ourselves.

I could go on and on with examples, but let me close by saying, please listen to your body when it tells you that there is an emotion that you need help processing.

There are lots of modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation, etc. which I can support you with.

On a daily basis, I highly recommend meditation to help ease your stress and quiet your mind. Explore my free collection of meditations here.

The liver is the biggest organ 'in' the body, and in my practice it is the origin of many ailments. This organ when supported offers the entire body greater balance. I recommend an herbal liver support to my clients which has great benefits on the entire body as a whole. (conditions such as skin irritation, acne, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, PMS, mood swings, hormonal concerns, cysts, anger, low energy......, etc.)

If you are interested, you can shop with my distributor discount on any products. (As always please read product labels and take at your own discretion) Nature's Sunshine ships directly to your home, you manage your own purchases. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Herbal Remedies - Discount

Here are just a few of the ingredients in the Liv C product that I recommend:

Wishing you calm days and restful nights!


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