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Looking for Spirit?

One of the most common questions that I get asked is "how can I connect with my loved ones?"

It is my belief that all of us have the ability to connect with loved ones in spirit. It is simply a matter of whether you have a desire to do so, and whether you are willing to put in the work required to get to that point.

It may shock you to know that I had no idea that I could communicate with the spirit world until I was about 40. Of course knowing what I know now, I can certainly look back at pivotal moments in my life and say OMG! that is why I "just knew" I needed to do that, or why that kept happening, etc.

One of my favourite childhood memories shared by my mom and dad about me as a child is that they would go to bed and hear me talking away to my Winnie the Pooh stuffy (I still have him in a box somewhere!) I wonder if I was reallllly talking to my beloved Winnie, or was I engaging with spirit already?!

As children we can connect easily with spirit because our own energies are light and we are on the same frequency sort of speak. No one thinks children are weird for believing they can see and hear what is not physically seen by others. Adults think it is cute. Then as kids gets older and "are past the age of make believe" adults start to shut this "behavior" down, and around this same time you are being told "no" a lot, being told that is wrong, being told to do this or that and our innocence and openness begins to slowly fade away. Adults don't suck, really! They only know, what they know, and therefore that is what they in turn teach.

Now fast forward in life........ You have maybe lost a parent or good friend and you desperately want to connect to your loved ones in spirit again.

Well it is not as easy as saying okay lets chat! (for most people)

The first spirit that you need to connect to in the art of spirit talk, is your own!

Until you are able to move your own junk, and connect with your own spirit again, in an authentic and meaningful way, you will not connect to other spirit. Spirits connect on a frequency of love, and if self love and trust is not intact than you need to recover your own spirit first.

Lets say that your own spirit is like a car. If the car is full of clutter and stuff you don't feel safe driving it or comfortable even being in it. Well, think of all of your life's experiences as being the clutter and stuff that builds up causing your spirit to feel unsafe, uncomfortable, tired, etc.

And like a car, if you are not able to leave your past experience in the rear view mirror it makes it hard to drive forward and focus more on what is right in front of you. The front window, lets call that the third eye which is where we connect with 'other' spirit. So if your car or spirit, is so full of junk and your head is on a swivel that keeps looking back, you are not going to be able to see clearly or safely out that front window.(third eye)

So you want to connect with spirit?

You must start with your very own spirit and as you clear out your clutter you will know when you are ready because you will finally see the cues all around you! (11:11, 111, 444, butterflies, cardinals, etc.)

If you need help seeing your own spirit, or your loved ones in spirit, or simply want to connect with others who are on the same journey please contact me for a private session or to join a workshop or class. (all services are online or in person)

The world is a much brighter place when your windows are clear!!

Speaking from experience,


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