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I can't is merely a thought

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Thursday's Thought ~ Are you Happy? Are you truly happy? Is there something that bothers you all the time? Something you complain about regularly? Is there something that you would like to be doing but you are not? What are you doing about it? What are you prepared to do to feel better, to feel more connected to that truth, to that part of you? Are you prepared to be brave enough to step into the uncomfortable for a short time, to gain comfort in who you know you are? Are you prepared to let other peoples opinions not be your business? Are you prepared to make a shift? To do something different? If you are not prepared to take that leap, than be prepared to stay stuck right where you are. You CAN do it! You CAN! It starts with one small step towards the goal. You don't have to leap, but you do have to take that first step, followed by more steps. But each step gets easier and comes faster! Universe, please support us in our desired goals by aligning us with the right people at the right time, and motivation to achieve and surpass our goals!

I wish you a wonderful day. It's the new moon, a perfect time to manifest your desires! plant those seeds!

With love, Jennifer Cobb

I can't is simply a thought which only you can change

It starts with one small step towards the goal

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