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Ignite Your Light 

Spiritual & Psychic Development

Online Live Training Course or
In-Person Workshops in Collingwood, ON

Medium ~ Jennifer Cobb will share with you the exercises and practices that she herself used to develop her own abilities to connect with the Divine realm. 



Each week you will begin with a guided meditation which will begin to quiet your mind and allow you to bring your spirit team closer to you. This will help get you ready to receive messages.  There will be opportunities to share your experience and gain insight in demystifying what you experienced.

Don't worry! Learning to you to meditate is part of this course and when you practice regularly you will get the hang of it. 


Jennifer will provide valuable insight based on her own development of her abilities to connect to the divine realm and provide you with a weekly exercise to participate and practice. There will be an opportunity to practice during the live weekly class and the replay if you can't make it to the live event.

The bonus is that you will have access to all of the classes to go back and revisit at any time that works for your schedule.



The art of developing your working dictionary is heavily dependent on being able to receive validation in the messages that you received and being able to work through those with an active participant.

We will work through providing validation so that you begin to understand how your team communicates with you. 

We all receive differently, so no cookie cutter approach to these skills will work.  There is no short cut, practice and validation is key to your success.


During the classes you will have the opportunity to also be part of the exercise by becoming the person whom the class will practice reading, or an object that belongs to you or your loved one. This is a huge bonus to attending these types of classes! 

Not only will you have access to giving and receiving messages during classes, but will continue to have exclusive access to Jennifer and each other in our private group forum.



A huge part of developing your psychic and intuitive self is understanding and respecting energy in a more profound way.    You will learn to create healthy boundaries so that you are in control of the energy around you and feel less anxiety from it. Many people have reported being able to take back control or their lives once they are able to implement the skills taught here.

Not only are you learning about connecting to and reading others energy, more importantly you remember how to connect to and lighten your own personal energy

They say the best teacher, is the one who was in your shoes 

I was not always aware of my ability to read peoples energy, see things before they happened or connect with the spirit realm It wasn't until I was nearly

40 that it became clear to me that I had these gifts and began working to develop them. I have now helped many others to learn and understand energy and to connect with their higher self and spirit teams.

Maybe you have had things happen that make you wonder, is there more going on than meets the eye. Perhaps you wish you knew how to find answers for yourself, or maybe you are just naturally curious.

Take this quick test to see if you too, are a psychic intuitive in the making.

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Ann Fowler 

Jenn has taught me so much about myself, spirit, angels, crystals, chakras, meditation, saging...and the list goes on. She is so intuitive and her teachings are informative, interesting and SO MUCH FUN! I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for Jenn and her Psychic Development Class. I have even been able to connect with my late cool is that!

Janice Bezanson

Jennifer provides a safe and open environment where I was encouraged to grow and challenged to dive deeper and reach further then I thought possible. Truly sent by the angels.

Jane Panneton

Jennifer will provide you with the tools to see, hear & feel the answers to so many of your questions. They will come to you in a flash. Like turning on a light switch. Bang! Just like that. That is how it happens. It will feel like you are seeing for the first time in your life. I did not realize that I was lost , but thank you Jennifer, I found me.

Marybeth Boyle 

Jennifer has opened the door for me to find myself and live the life I was meant for as a light worker.

Jackie Tetrault

As her student for 2 years she opened up a whole new part of myself I never knew existed, she challenged me each week to trust myself and dig deeper, and I made a few new friends along the way who will remain part of my tribe in the years to come! 

Patrizia Lotti

Jennifer is an amazing person and medium. Always so inspirational, insightful. Jennifer is truly meant to be doing this – helping and healing

Get started today!

Stop ignoring the signs that have you here, check out this course

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Check out the EVENTS page under services tab to find the next in-person workshop

Whether you are new or experienced and want to be in practice more, you are welcome to come join us in Collingwood, ON. for this in-person class.


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