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Reiki Certification Class taught by Reiki Maste Jennifer Cobb in orangeville, ON. Reiki is a healing art passed down by Dr. Usui, called Reiki. Become a Reiki Practitioner

February 3rd & 4th

10am - 2pm

Collingwood, ON

at Everlove Yoga & Healing

Registration is officially open!

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Reiki  Level 1 Certification Class - The Journey Begins

Led by Energy Healing Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher ~ Jenn Cobb, whose journey into energy healing embarked over a decade ago. Since then, she has been leading others in their own healing journeys, teaching and mentoring people to tune in to the power of energy and tap into their own internal healing system to live bold, beautiful, and bright lives.

This training takes place over a two-day weekend in which you will receive an attunement to the First Degree of Usui Ryoho Reiki. This is a time of setting intentions and deepening your relationship to personal and spiritual evolution through ceremony.

We will explore the subtle energy systems of the body and understand what affects our personal chi, and how to reconnect you to the universal life force energy grid. This level is more about self-healing, though the skills gained will empower you to share Reiki with anyone once you have received the attunement, and you will become certified as a Reiki Practitioner in the First Degree.  Reiki is the best tool that you will have in your first aid kit, and you will always have it with you!

Our time together begins with students setting intentions for the day and what they wish to take away from the experience.

On day one, you will discover the origin and foundation of Reiki and what it can be used for, as well as the guiding principles of working with and maintaining healthy energetic boundaries. Our day will close with an empowerment ceremony where students will receive the symbols of the First Degree and a chakra-balancing meditation. Once you have been attuned through this ceremony the empowerment stays with you for the rest of your life.

On day two you will learn self-healing techniques and have ample opportunity for hands-on practice working with your classmates in exchanges of Reiki. During this time Jenn will work closely with you to help you understand the process and language of energy, provide you with the many tips and techniques that she has learned and developed over the past decade and she will be there to answer your questions as they arise.

During the weekend you will be sitting and laying down so dress casually and comfy.  You will receive a resource manual to take home. There will be a take-home gift created with intention and intuition specifically for this group. You will receive a Practitioner Certification and you will have a network of meaningful relationships that will journey with you. You will each receive an oracle card drawn for insight into your journey as well.

Enjoy light snacks, fresh filtered cool water and a special brewed tea intuitively chosen for you throughout the day. You are of course welcome to bring your own food/drinks as well.


  *Reiki Classes count as a continuing education credit for many modalities, such as RMT*


Investment  $400 - Collingwood location  

Check registration link for remote location fees.  


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