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Reiki Master & Teacher Certification Class taught be Reiki Master/Teacher Jennifer Cobb in Orangeville, ON.  If you are ready to take your Reiki Practitioner trining to the next level, and want to move on to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer trains with great integrity and makes thislearning experience funa nd exciting. She remains approachable beyond the classroom.

Please contact me when you feel ready to take the next step

Taught as a one-day training and will require you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Reiki and how to provide treatment.

Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

The student becomes the teacher

The Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Training is an advanced and comprehensive program designed to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to become proficient Reiki practitioners and teachers. This course builds upon the foundational principles of Reiki and delves into the intricacies of energy healing, spiritual growth, and the art of teaching Reiki to others.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Advanced Energy Healing Techniques

  • Deepening your understanding of energy anatomy and chakras

  • Exploring advanced Reiki symbols and their applications

  • Mastering distance healing and sending Reiki across time and space

  • Enhancing intuitive abilities in energy assessment and treatment

Module 2: Reiki Master Symbols and Attunements

  • Unveiling the Master symbols and their significance

  • Receiving and practicing Master-level attunements

  • Amplifying your personal energy and connection to the Universal Life Force

  • Exploring the power of intention and manifestation in healing

Module 3: Becoming a Reiki Teacher

  • Responsibilities and Ethics of a Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Crafting effective lesson plans and teaching methodologies

  • Practice teaching sessions and feedback

  • Building a supportive and nurturing learning environment

Module 4: Practicum and Teaching Experience

  • Guided practice sessions for leading attunements

  • Mentoring and guiding new Reiki practitioners

  • Case studies and real-world applications of teaching Reiki

Module 5: Spiritual Growth and Mastery

  • Exploring the deeper dimensions of Reiki as a spiritual path

  • Balancing and harmonizing your own energy as a Master

  • Guiding others in their spiritual evolution through Reiki

  • Incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques

Course Benefits: Upon successful completion of the Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Training, participants will:

  • Attain the Reiki Master/Teacher level of certification

  • Possess advanced skills in energy healing, including distant healing and intuitive assessment

  • Be qualified to teach and attune individuals to all levels of Reiki

  • Gain the ability to guide others on their spiritual journeys through Reiki

  • Join a supportive community of Reiki Masters and Teachers for continued growth and collaboration


  • Successful completion of Reiki Level 1 and 2 certifications

  • Demonstrated commitment to personal and spiritual growth

  • A genuine passion for healing and helping others

  • Willingness to embrace the responsibilities of a Reiki Master/Teacher


 Class Fee of  $650

*Some Reiki Classes count as a continuing education credit for RMT’s*

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