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Reiki Master & Teacher Certification Class taught be Reiki Master/Teacher Jennifer Cobb in Orangeville, ON.  If you are ready to take your Reiki Practitioner trining to the next level, and want to move on to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer trains with great integrity and makes thislearning experience funa nd exciting. She remains approachable beyond the classroom.

Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

Please contact us to book a date

The student becomes the teacher


   You are ready for the Master level when you have practiced Reiki to the point where you can scan the body and understand how your senses and intuition communicate the needs of the recipient.   


   Here are some indications that you are ready for the next step:

  • You are confident in listening to your intuition and knowledge to treat the recipient

  • You are able to successfully and gently guide your recipient on how to further their healing beyond your healing table, without telling them how to do so, but guiding them.

  • You are able to speak about Reiki and energy in a manner that shows your understanding of ego vs. channeling from Universal Life Force.

  • You are able to communicate how the balance of energy works.

  • You have an understanding of each chakra – what emotions and actions reside there, and ways to help balance them, beyond the table.

  • You have provided hours of Reiki healing to several individual people both hands on and distance healing and feel confident.

  • You have observed the teaching of levels 1 & 2 in a classroom set up. (this may be your own training, in class)

  • Your intuition guides you to learn more at this time.

A commitment of 2 days of learning and demonstration of understanding. 


 Classes are held at my Orangeville office  10:00am – 2:00pm. 

Please pre-register to reserve your placement in this very limited seating class.

 Class Fee of  $550

*Some Reiki Classes count as a continuing education credit for RMT’s*

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