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Health Assessment - Using Energy & ZYTO Scanning


Wellness Reports

  • The Zyto hand cradle is a medical device cleared by the US FDA to measure the users Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

  • Using the same technology as lie detector tests.

  • The user's baseline GSR is measured by the hand cradle, followed by the ZYTO software running a digital signature, then a subsequent GSR is taken

  • Each digital signature represents an item to which we are seeking information from the body.

  • The numeric value produced by the ZYTO software indicates how divergent the digital signature is from the baseline. We call digital signatures that produce more coherent or balanced responses - biological preferences.

  • At the end of the scan, an easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the vital items whose corresponding digital signatures resulted in greater biological coherence. The report is available to support individuals as they choose options to maintain health and wellness.

  • This whole process is called Biocommunications.

ZYTO 1.png


  • Easy-to-understand core body system and related lifestyle biomarker data

  • Charts of organs, vertebrae, teeth, and TCM meridian biomarker values.

  •  Immunity Report displays responses in 6 foundational areas to help you address immune system wellness.

  • Recommended support modalities and products such as essential oils, herbs, vitamins, etc. in the balancing and healing of those biomarkers that are out of balance.

  • At a glance, you will be able to see which systems or organs you want to focus on first, and you will have recommendations for that.


Section Title

ZYTO Scan - 30 - 45 Minutes - $75

ZYTO Re-Scan - 15 Minutes - $30  (this is a drop in to just do the scan, no review, e-mailed reports and recommendations)

The prices above include a session that includes a full scan and detailed report, a list of suggested services/modalities/home remedies/natural products that will help you specifically

We can identify stressors and imbalances that are impacting your health and well-being. 

Client Experiences:

 I have a client who already knew that she wanted to stop drinking diet pop. Her intuition already told her that, but her scans indicated in several areas repeatedly that artificial sugars were causing her bodily harm. It was the validation that she needed to motivate her to stop drinking it.

I personally had been experiencing more and more the need for glasses when reading, and when I did a scan on myself, what showed up was that I would benefit from taking an herb called Perfect Eyes.  Based on my recent experiences having trouble reading, it validated that I need to put more focus on helping my eyes. (I am currently taking Perfect Eyes, and will let you know how I feel 30 days in)

Another client is allergic to penicillin and her scan showed red (indicating caution pay attention to this as there is a huge reaction from the body) in all areas when being scanned with antibiotics. 

Another experience was with a client whose scan showed that simply by adding one single product called Methyl Combo, which is essentially a high-quality B12 and Folate combo, it would bring all but 2 of his         un-balanced markers back into line.

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