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Facing This Day With Faith

I couldn't go to bed without sending my Dad an e-mail to tell him that I loved him with all my heart. I had to make sure that he knew that he has been the most amazing father and coach to me in this thing called life.

I had just talked to him this evening, to wish him strength and calm as he heads into surgery the following day. I so badly wanted to blurt out everything that I had in my heart, but I knew if I did that I would release the emotions that would come along with this, and in that moment I needed to be strong for my Dad. I chose instead to put on my big girl panties and use the power of 'choosing higher thoughts' method to shift his energy into a lighter place, creating some space between his current state of mind and fear..

I woke up this morning and it sunk in, my Dad has his surgery today! In that moment a rush of feelings came over me, not just my own, but as an empath I could also feel the emotions and anxiety of my Dad, my Mom and my brother.

In this moment I could give into the anxiety and allow myself to create all kinds of outcomes in my mind, or I could choose again and be more connected to my faith, than my fear.

I knew that the three of them were already stuck in a fear based energy and I was not going to go there. My Dad needs the force of source right now and that is how I will be of service to him and my family.

I set out to walk Jax, our Husky/Boarder Collie for our regular morning walk. The temperature was perfect this morning with a nice breeze. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping.

I first, just walked, allowing myself to become grounded and in the current moment. I centered myself. I took in all of this beauty of the country life that surrounded me , and I began to consciously shift my energy and my thoughts. As I walked I began shifting to an energy of appreciation.

"Thank you to the Dr's who will work on my Dad today, for their dedication to their education. The countless hours of surgical experience and for being experts in their field. Thank you for them being well rested, and for showing up with sheer precision and focus today. And for his dedication to serving my Dad with his presence, steady hands and keen eye for detail."

"Thank you to the anesthesiologist who will be mindful and attentive to every detail of my Dad's needs and monitor his status without fail"

"Thank you to all of the nurses who will work with my Dad today. Thank you for your years of experience, for your kindness, understanding and caring ways. Thank you for your attention to detail and for helping to keep my Dad calm and keeping him as comfortable as he can be"

"Thank you to the people who clean and sterilize all of the rooms, surgical tools and equipment, and thank you to everyone who will play a part in a successful outcome for my Dad as it serves his highest good"

As I continued my walk and finding things to be appreciative of that surround my Dad's surgery, I found my way back to faith. Butterflies began to float by at eye level as if in slow motion. The Universe has found it's way to say we hear you and we have your back.

I continued ...... Universe, Spirit Guides and Angels of the highest truth and compassion, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Raphael, and I called in several specific family in spirit to be by his side, please help my Dad to be calm, and let him feel our energy there with him, supporting him. Please let him feel love.

I had successfully shifted my own energy from fear to faith and I felt stronger for my Dad in this moment and all day. I felt attached to a positive outcome, rather than the what if's.

My Dad's surgery went well. I know his recovery will be lengthy and is off to a rough start, but I know he will be feeling good in no time!

Now if I could just get him to fast track his healing by asking his divine team for help......... haha, yeah right! Not a spiritual bone in his body, but I know he appreciates how strongly I believe in the power of the divine and to my kooky ways!

The next time that you find yourself in a fear state, or any lower vibration, try these steps:

1) visualize your way to a higher vibration - do this by remembering something happy, or visualizing a future happy event, or reading positive affirmations.

2) appreciate - begin to write or say out loud or in your head the things that you are appreciative for. Particularly around the situation that has you feeling fear.

3) observe and recognize your fear, forgive yourself for getting caught up in it. Thank it for showing you what you do not want, and choose the next best feeling thought that you can reach. (perhaps you just broke up with someone special, maybe seeing yourself in a new relationship is just too unbelievable. Maybe the next best feeling thought would be that you are going out with your girlfriends and laughing and having a good time.)

Reminding you to be your own flash light out of the darkness,


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