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Am I meant to be here?

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Message Monday There comes a time in every ones lives where they stop and question the reality in which they live, verses what in fact was meant to be. Have I somewhere and somehow missed my calling? Have I missed the master plan for me? Game changing and life changing events are what bring you back onto the path in which you set out to be, contracted to be. Dare you venture off the path and try something that challenges the very essence of who you are? Why not, for in those moments you face your fears, find your strength and grow. The obstacles you face, are building blocks and lessons set forth to help you to understand who it is that you are deep within, and who it is that you do not want to be, even if at one time it served you well. Without challenge there is no growth and without growth there is no evolution and if no evolution, then what is there but life as you know it to be. Yet life is so full - so many offering, choices and lessons that are yours to have. Yours to conquer! For in these moments of victory over our own selves, our own fear - the highest points within your life, the point in which you shift and connect with your soul, like a piece of a puzzle sliding into place. You have pushed through the obstacle, rather than avoid or go around it, and in this moment you free your soul from the boundaries of the ego and alas your soul finds freedom within. Now in those moments when you question yourself and your purpose, may I offer you this …… which direction is it that you are afraid to walk and which door is it that you cannot seem to push open? For on the other side of that fear revealed is the answer to what is next meant for you. The choice is always yours as to whether you move through or around, or simply sit still….. we call this your free will.

Dare you venture off the path and try something that challenges the very essence of who you are?

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