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Message Monday - June 4/2018

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Message Monday - a channeled message for you from my guide. Anything in brackets is my wording

Go with God (Universe, or whatever title you resonate with) and see what there is in store for you. There are mountains and hills and slides, and mud, but dear one there are also butterflies, rainbows and caterpillar... you, you are the caterpillar waiting to blossom and bloom. For without fear we can all fly, will you trust, with you blossom, will you fly? Can we help you, will you ask, will you accept, will you receive? Open your heart and your hands and see what you will grasp, for if you do not, you surely will not, so what have you to lose? Yet everything to gain.... peace, rejoice, renewed again.

~ Jeraldine (one of my spirit guides)

Dare to allow yourself to change

you are the caterpillar waiting to blossom and bloom

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