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Reach for the best feeling thought

Yesterday was one of those days! Sibling rivalry working overtime between my girls. They are at that age where they each want to be independent and leaders, and that often means there is a power struggle, leading to an argument, leading to my youngest in tears, feeling 'not enough' (keeping it real)

Yesterday, I tried a different approach...... somehow the inner teacher in me emerged and was guiding me. I heard my owns words, my higher self saying "reach for the best feeling thought"

So in that moment rather than trying to talk her into knowing that she is a great kid and that her and her sister just see things differently sometimes - because that was falling on deaf ears, and frankly was really just feeding that mentality that had her upset in the first place! I suddenly got my clarity and asked her "Hey, what's your favorite colour? " She stopped crying for a second and said "what?" I asked her again, to which she replied "blue" and I asked her "is there a specific shade of blue because there are lots?" She replied "light blue". I responded "light blue like your room?", "yes". You see her and I had recently repainted her room together. It was a fun time and gave her a lot of joy to finally make her room her own. I then asked her "what is your favorite drink?", she is my daughter after all so of course she went straight to a Star Bucks classic, peach green tea lemonade, yum! I then, told her that I wasn't sure if she was going to pick that one or the chocolate cookie crumble because she likes them both so much. I went on to ask her a few more what is your favorite....... and then a couple of this or that (pizza or poutine?) questions.

You would have to know my daughter to understand how deeply emotional she is and how badly these downward spirals can go. an how deeply she can cut herself with her own words.

She felt so bad, because she was filling herself with thoughts that resist her natural knowing, which is that she is pure love and perfection, as we all are. Her emotions were indicating her misalignment with source.

It was amazing to me that, literally the moment that I was able to help her remember a more positive thought, she stopped crying and became present again. It makes me remember how clever we were when our babies were toddlers, they would get hurt and we would distract them with a toy while we cleaned them up. I never knew then why it worked. Of course now that I have a much fuller understanding of energy, I understand that it wasn't so much a distraction, as it was about realigning them with a thought that brings them joy.

Now, I challenge you all to use the same principles with yourself. When you feel your mind swirling with self doubt, anger, grief, etc. reach for the next best feeling thought. And, allow yourself to simply acknowledge that you feel badly in those moments because they do not align with who you are - pure love and perfection. When you choose to reach for those next best feeling thoughts, you are moving yourself back into the flow of the Universal energy and flow.

If you just lost your job, you don't have to stretch yourself so far to a thought you can't 'feel emotionally attached to' by thinking okay I have a new job and it's even better. Maybe some of you can do that and feel connected emotionally to that thought. But for some of you, the next best feeling thought would be - I have a friend who can help me update my resume and get started on that.

When you feel not in joy, than you are in some way resisting it. Reach for the next best feeling thought and begin flowing, rather than resisting.

Wishing you a joyful day!


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