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Reach for the best feeling thought

Yesterday was one of those days! Sibling rivalry working overtime between my girls. They are at that age where they each want to be independent and leaders, and that often means there is a power struggle, leading to an argument, leading to my youngest in tears, feeling 'not enough' (keeping it real)

Yesterday, I tried a different approach...... somehow the inner teacher in me emerged and was guiding me. I heard my owns words, my higher self saying "reach for the best feeling thought"

So in that moment rather than trying to talk her into knowing that she is a great kid and that her and her sister just see things differently sometimes - because that was falling on deaf ears, and frankly was really just feeding that mentality that had her upset in the first place! I suddenly got my clarity and asked her "Hey, what's your favorite colour? " She stopped crying for a second and said "what?" I asked her again, to which she replied &qu