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What Are You Manifesting?

You would think that staying aligned to your desires would be easy peasy, right?!


The Universe says the moment you had that inspired thought it already existed and it is right here ready to pull you in and all you need to do is to allow it to be. All you need to do in order to be swept into this vortex is to stay in the energy of abundance, hope, joy, love, faith .......

While the Ego has another source of pull on the opposite side, designed be practical and to keep you feeling comfortable, to offer up all of your past experiences, past stumbles, past failures, current fears, current low confidence, current feeling of lack, etc.

So, your mind and you are stuck in the middle, in discontent, confusion, desperation, frustration. None of which resonates with the high vibration of our desires which already exist, but we can't reach due to this feeling which does not resonate with your desire. It's like you are on one side of a lake, starring across at exactly that which you desire. But your ego has removed the bridge and placed turbulence in the waters. You try to swim towards your desire because it's literally right there! But you are getting swept off course by ego a