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What Are You Manifesting?

You would think that staying aligned to your desires would be easy peasy, right?!


The Universe says the moment you had that inspired thought it already existed and it is right here ready to pull you in and all you need to do is to allow it to be. All you need to do in order to be swept into this vortex is to stay in the energy of abundance, hope, joy, love, faith .......

While the Ego has another source of pull on the opposite side, designed be practical and to keep you feeling comfortable, to offer up all of your past experiences, past stumbles, past failures, current fears, current low confidence, current feeling of lack, etc.

So, your mind and you are stuck in the middle, in discontent, confusion, desperation, frustration. None of which resonates with the high vibration of our desires which already exist, but we can't reach due to this feeling which does not resonate with your desire. It's like you are on one side of a lake, starring across at exactly that which you desire. But your ego has removed the bridge and placed turbulence in the waters. You try to swim towards your desire because it's literally right there! But you are getting swept off course by ego and the flow of the water. And the ego takes you father and father away from your desire becoming realized!

All of your low vibrational energy is the flowing water, taking you father from your desire. (self doubt, feeling you don't deserve it, feeling that timing is off, questioning your readiness and ability)

When our default position in life is satisfaction - the moment an inspired idea comes along, you are connected to the Universe and your higher self. You are that much more susceptible and more easily swept into the Universal vortex. It is like all you need to do at this point is walk half way across the bridge and the Universal vortex will pull you into a place where your desire is reality!

SO how, can we live where satisfied is our auto default? More leaning towards the Universe than the ego?

CHOOSE - to live from a place of abundance rather than lack everyday. Choose to see things through the eyes of abundance rather than lack. Choose to appreciate all of the things that you have, rather than focusing on what you don't have.

And yes, sometimes you will be forcing yourself to think and view and it may even feel cheesy!

Here is my keeping it real moment:

After I walk Jax, most of my mornings start with me putting dry dishes away and cleaning a pile of dirty dishes that are there from the day before. And every morning when I enter the hub of the home, I feel dread, I mentally say OMG, this needs to stops, I can't start my days like this everyday, ffs! (real!)

But this morning, while brushing my teeth, I looked myself in the mirror and said "Thank you Universe for helping me to see things through the lens of love today"

And so when I came into the kitchen I chose to say, "oh that's awesome, look at all those dishes that are already washed" and I proceeded to give appreciation to everything that I put away. "thank you plates for holding the food that brings us together each night as a family. Thank you bowls for serving our treats and comfort foods. Thank you cutting board and knife for helping us to prep all of our healthy veggies and fruit" and I did this through the whole process of putting away the pile of dishes. Then to washing ..... Thank you for the water running abundant (we are on a well during a drought ) Thank you to the soap and sponge for making the clean up easier, thank you water bottles for keeping us hydrated.......

I can tell you that aside from my thoughts, nothing about this morning changed in my routine. I can also tell you that I had no ill feelings towards the routine that typically gets my blood boiling that this chore always lands on my plate to start my day. This doesn't mean that I won't look for ways to put better practices in place. But I choose today to not get mad about it and lower my energy, taking me father down stream from my desires. Today I say thank you for the opportunity to see what it is that I don't want to have in my life and to see my way through this situation with appreciation and through the lens of love.

By doing so, my default position stays in satisfied, rather than feeling lack. Rather than allowing ego to take away the bridge, I stayed in a high vibration. Any ego is a low vibration and keeps you distant from the vibration of your desires, whether the energy is specific to that desire or not. Your energy is either moving you closer to the Universal vortex of high vibration, or your ego energy is pulling you into the current away from you manifesting your desire. (fear, anger, grief, yelling, frustration, jealousy, dissatisfaction, blame, greed, guilt, etc)

I challenge you all, to choose to see through the lens of love and appreciation to see yourself out of the next challenging situation. Think the bridge into staying there for ease of access to your manifesting your desires. Think your way free from ego. All it takes is a shift in mindset. That conscious choice to shift your energy to a higher vibration is matched by the Universe, and the bridge and distance between you and your desire is shortened.

Your inspired ideas already exist and it's why they vibrate so high! Match your vibration to that idea/desire and it is yours.

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