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Mediumship Readings

Are you looking for validation and connection that your loved ones are still with you after they pass?


Reiki & Chakra Healing

A beautiful deep relaxing and soul-nurturing experience. Healing for the mind, body & soul.  Feel lighter, brighter, and more energized.




Total restoration and recharge of your energy.  Working over 7200 nerve endings in the bottom of the feet, which is not just total zen, but very healing for the body as well.


Indian Head Massage

Complete relaxation and rejuvination - releasing tension and bringing balance back to your life!



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Intuitive - Psychic Readings

Need a quick check in on your journey, or to ask ONE question, get your e-mailed reading

Meetup Event

Spiritual Counsel

Many people find comfort in talking through their challenges, habits, patterns and having Jenn work with you to reveal where these originated and ways to work at removing the blocks.

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